About Well Mama

About Well Mama

Viviane Höger, Founder and Trainer
Viviane Höger, Founder and Trainer

Founded by a mother-of-two former sales & marketing executive, the idea to start Well Mama originated from a disappointing personal experience with fitness service providers following her first pregnancy, as well as the desire to offer a completely new and comprehensive service focused entirely on women’s needs.

Well Mama is dedicated to the wellbeing of mothers and mothers-to-be.  It offers a bespoke, flexible, and highly professional approach to pre and postnatal health by combining fitness training with pelvic floor recovery, and nutrition coaching.  It aims to enable women to feel encouraged, healthy and strong during pregnancy and beyond.

Well Mama sets itself apart from competitors by offering its clients a highly knowledgeable and specialised service that understands and takes into consideration the physical and psychological changes women go through during pregnancy and the postpartum period.  It offers a flexible and fair cancellation policy, and crucially, it encourages new mothers to bring their child/ren with them to group classes or personal training sessions.

Every Well Mama programme is bespoke and reflects your personal preferences, focusing on fitness or nutrition, or combining both.

Total flexibility means that fitness & nutrition sessions can:

  • Take place at your preferred location: indoors (trainer’s in-home training room, at your own home, or fitness centre) or outdoors (local park, trail, etc.)
  • Happen with or without your baby’s presence (postnatal)
  • Focus entirely on your needs through one-on-one personal training sessions or,
  • Take place in small groups, allowing you to share the costs and positive benefits of working out with other mums.

An initial assessment will help us decide together which path will most successfully deliver your goals, which may include:

  • fitness-focused concerns
  • working on your core strength through Pilates
  • regaining pelvic floor strength or
  • making informed adjustments to your diet.