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Metabolic Balance®

Metabolic Balance®

What is Metabolic Balance® ?

An established German nutritional program endorsed by nutrition professionals and physicians alike, Metabolic Balance® is backed by over 25 years of scientific research. In a nutshell, the Metabolic Balance® is an all-natural program designed to re-set our metabolism and hormone levels, particularly insulin, in order to enable our body to reach its natural weight.

Key aspects of the program:

  • Expected average weight loss of clients 3-6kg a month
  • Easy-to-follow eating plan, personalised to you and your metabolism
  • No shakes, faddy foods, diet pills or meal replacements
  • Food easily obtainable from supermarkets
  • One-to-one support

How does it work?

Metabolic Balance® is based on two major concepts:

  1. Every person has the capacity to produce all the hormones and enzymes necessary for a healthy metabolism. However to support this process we need to supply the body with adequate nutrients, which are obtained from REAL food.
  2. Our body has the ability to develop an appetite for foods containing the nutrients it needs. However, instead of listening to internal messages, most people select foods based on external stimuli.

Key to the program is a nutrition plan tailored to your own individual needs based on your bloodwork, and biomarkers from thirty-four different analyses. The results are combined with your health profile including height, weight, measurements, known diseases, food allergies, medications and food likes/dislikes and tailored specifically to who you are and what you need.

Food is not selected according to calorie content, or by percentage of fats, carbs and protein. The selection of foods and meals are based directly upon the effects of certain foods on hormones and nutrients that are missing in the body.

Through the program, a naturally balanced insulin production is promoted, which is the ‘internal key’ to the body’s weight management system. Not only is a healthy regulation of insulin a great way to lose weight and reduce cravings, but it also has a substantial effect on other hormonal and enzyme functions and production.

There is no calorie counting, point management, or percentage of fats, proteins and carbs. The plan is based on the effects of certain foods on various hormones as well missing any nutrients in the body. It is designed to help manage insulin levels and regulate your own metabolism in order to lose weight in a more natural and sustainable way.

Is it just another commercial diet with short-term effects?

No. Metabolic Balance® is not designed to be a weight loss program.  Our goal is to promote life style changes that result in long-term health and successful weight management. It is in fact, a hormone and metabolism re-balancing program, resetting your body’s current metabolic functions.

Why is Metabolic Balance® successful?

Metabolic Balance® is backed by over 25 years of scientific study and is managed by dedicated physicians and nutritional scientists.

Participants are accompanied through the four phases of the program by a certified Metabolic Balance® coach. Your personal coach is trained to guide you towards reaching your health goal; helping you avoid the dreaded yo-yo effect (for those looking primarily to lose weight), and encouraging and supporting you in every step of the way.

The program’s success is down to several key factors: 

  • Nutrition plans are designed to suit each individual.
  • The first phase can cause rapid weight loss, which can be highly motivating for participants aiming to lose weight.
  • Encourages awareness of psychological factors involved in eating and weight management.
  • Personal consultations can provide encouragement, support and feedback, which may increase the chance of success.
  • Does not eliminate entire food groups.
  • Encourages the intake of a wide variety of fresh and unprocessed foods.
  • Helps with management of blood glucose levels.

Metabolic Balance® has helped over half a million participants get their health back on track so far. It is safe, healthy, economical and simple to follow, so it has all the elements needed for you too to succeed.

How do I know if the Metabolic Balance® program is for me?

  • Have you fallen off the "health wagon" too many times to count?
  • Have you been "yoyo-ing" with diets for longer than you can remember?
  • Are you tired of slogging through your days with fatigue and low energy?
  • Are you sick of being told you need to 'work harder' to burn fat?
  • Are you struggling with health issues as a consequence of excess weight?
  • Do you constantly feel hungry and have lost the sensation of feeling ‘satisfied’ after a meal?

The Metabolic Balance® program has a proven track-record success in helping with these issues and more.

What changes can I expect to see?

The Metabolic Balance® program has shown to create healthy habits through sensible eating patterns as it is focused on clean nutrient rich whole-foods (no diet foods or shakes). The program works at a fundamental level to help rebalance your biochemistry. At a primary level it:

  1. Increases fat burning: the programme is designed to switch on fat burning. Your coach will track this through your bio impedance measurements. 
  2. Reduces hunger and cravings: the program helps to rebalance the hormones that control how hungry or how full you feel.
  3. Reduces inflammation: many people find that inflammatory conditions such as joint pain and skin problems subside. 
  4. Improves blood cholesterol: significant improvements in triglyceride and cholesterol levels have been recorded for people following this program.
  5. Improves glucose levels: research shows that participants previously diagnosed with pre-diabetes were able to reverse this by following the program.

Ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle and improved wellbeing?

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